Demonic Pleasure

My insecurities are longing to be caressed by your demonic touch--to feel your evil pleasure. Your condemned spirit brings my soul joy. Your darkest places allot for a search to find pure love.


You Show No Love

While you are out at night, I am at home rotting in my thoughts. You are out doing as you wish and I sit here thinking about you. I think about how I will get through this hard time you have brought upon me. You still have friends who think you are an amazing person. … Continue reading You Show No Love

The Three C’s of Christianity

This is entirely my opinion. After struggling with this for years, I thought I would share what I have learned and still wish to learn. Remaining faithful and fully committed to Christ in all points of your life can be difficult. Everyone gets busy, and the reality of life takes ahold of us. As much … Continue reading The Three C’s of Christianity