As one would awake from a deep sleep--dazed and confused, my mind tends to wander with no apparent destination like one who has been revived. It wanders in search of affirmation and explanation as to why I am misunderstood. The metamorphosis that has taken place in my life goes unnoticed. With all that is heavy … Continue reading Metamorphosis


You Hurt

I am no longer in your grasp for you to claim that you love me. I no longer have to conform to your behavior and destructive mannerisms. I am no longer a possession of yours to be used then tossed out. Your hysterical mind has always tried to dominate situations. Control is all you know. Our … Continue reading You Hurt

My Public Diary

Where would I be without this blog? Probably somewhere curled up in a dark hole. Blogging is my therapy. I am able to express myself through writing better than verbal conversations. Writing has been my saving grace. Besides investing myself in God and daily devotions, this is my way to vent all of my built-up thoughts … Continue reading My Public Diary

Women in the Media

Nowadays, it is thought to be normal and attractive for women to have bodily parts strewn about and displayed in a sexual manner. Forty years ago, that would not have been acceptable. Low cut tops and the sexual appeal women's bodies posed began to be seen as a breakthrough in society with the third-wave of feminism. In the early 1990s the promiscuous persona of … Continue reading Women in the Media

The Deteriorating English Language

I will never understand why some people feel the need to include the preposition "at" after asking about someone's whereabouts. If you ask where they are, is that not sufficient? Adding a preposition to the end of the statement or question only makes it a more lengthy response. Simply asking where someone is should get the point across. Adding the extra, unnecessary … Continue reading The Deteriorating English Language