Fill Me

Like a glass that is half empty, half full, so is the heart that lies within. The malnourished heart and soul that lacks so much continues to draw from others for energy and love. The broken soul that continues to dip into other sources to compensate for all it never received only breaks more. The … Continue reading Fill Me


What Was Once

You were once the most beautiful thing I knew then your beauty aged and I opened my eyes to your true self. You were once so kind then you placed your problems on my shoulders for me to bear. You were once all for me then you got tired of one form so you went … Continue reading What Was Once


As one would awake from a deep sleep--dazed and confused, my mind tends to wander with no apparent destination like one who has been revived. It wanders in search of affirmation and explanation as to why I am misunderstood. The metamorphosis that has taken place in my life goes unnoticed. With all that is heavy … Continue reading Metamorphosis

The Dawn of Night

Night nears and my breathing slows. With the darkness comes isolation. Desolate feelings fall upon me. The kindred spirits who accompany me during the day vanish. Bleak lands creep into my dreams. I awake feeling deprived. You have denied me love. You have left me denude of all feelings. The night which was once meant … Continue reading The Dawn of Night