Rewiring a Heart Drawing

on my mind        the constant feeling of you you enjoyed drifting far out of your mind i stayed here lonely while you drifted far hunched over the toilet to let tears fall using the silence to scream in my head tearing myself apart         like you left me   … Continue reading Rewiring a Heart Drawing


Fill Me

Like a glass that is half empty, half full, so is the heart that lies within. The malnourished heart and soul that lacks so much continues to draw from others for energy and love. The broken soul that continues to dip into other sources to compensate for all it never received only breaks more. The … Continue reading Fill Me

Let me be your target.

Accelerate so you can ruin everything faster. Slowly point and aim so you will not miss. Allow me to serve as your target guiding you towards what you need to pierce. Perforate me with your words. The same words that bound us in lies, allow them to disclose the truth. Embrace the feeling of death. … Continue reading Let me be your target.