Demonic Pleasure

My insecurities are longing to be caressed by your demonic touch--to feel your evil pleasure. Your condemned spirit brings my soul joy. Your darkest places allot for a search to find pure love.


To Hate

Hate is a feeling derived from within ones mind. No one is born knowing hate. Hate can be overcome--it was not here from the beginning. No emotion is instilled in us but love. From the beginning, we are loved and taught to love in ways that may be direct or indirect. Even when you tell yourself … Continue reading To Hate

Build me up just to break me down.

No matter how devoted and faithful I was, that was never enough for you. The pain of this does not even derive from your absence. This pain has occurred from the humiliation and destruction of my dignity that you have caused. You are the source of this. You had someone who was yours in front … Continue reading Build me up just to break me down.

Giving up an Addiction to Love

If you are one who has never reached the point of insanity where you begin to perceive things in the opposite way that they are actually occurring, and has not yet had to accept the reality of how your repetitive decisions only hurt you, I applaud you. Knowingly craving something that only puts you down and changes … Continue reading Giving up an Addiction to Love