Love Yourself

I reminisce on all of my poor decisions and wonder why I did not fall in love with myself long ago.
No man has ever been able to fill the void within me.
Only I am able to consult my inner demons and mold my insecurities into self-love that radiates to those around me.
I strive to be confident in myself–so no one will be able to knock me off the pedestal I build.
I do not ever want to feel as if I need someone to be happy. I will no longer depend on anyone.
There are so many opportunities in life that should not be missed out on due to dependency on a weak man.

The Education System

From the time I began school up until now when I am about to begin my postsecondary education, testing and unreasonable expectations are all that have been placed in front of me. Students are expected to have their life together and know if they would rather be a surgeon or social worker by the time they can walk–slight over exaggeration, but the concept remains the same. Young students face more hardships and stress through the education system than is necessary. The burden of standardized testing is placed on students from a young age and sticks with them through out their life. Test scores begin to represent who they are, and all that they know. From the education system basing students knowledge off test scores, many are being sold short of the knowledge and skills they actually obtain.

Students take an average of twenty standardized tests annually. The time it takes them to prepare for and take the test could be used to teach skills that would further ready them for real life situations. Persistent testing is draining and discouraging. If the time spend on tests was used to further educate students, their future test scores could be higher.

Just because one does not score well on a state administered exam, does not mean they are not worthy of a good college education. The dependency on testing to rank ones knowledge level should be diminished. Real life situations such as interviews and on site job training should be available for students to use to prove that they are intelligent and well informed in certain areas.

Women in the Media

Nowadays, it is thought to be normal and attractive for women to have bodily parts strewn about and displayed in a sexual manner. Forty years ago, that would not have been acceptable. Low cut tops and the sexual appeal women’s bodies posed began to be seen as a breakthrough in society with the third-wave of feminism. In the early 1990s the promiscuous persona of a woman began to influence the media in new ways. Now, many advertisements are entirely dependent on women and their aesthetic appeal.

Women can now be seen on the cover of almost every ad posing to invoke sexual appeal. Women who model for clothing companies often look as if they are merely composed of skin and bones. If they do not meet the image guidelines that are proposed to them as “perfection”, they will not hold the modeling position. The culture today is too fixated around the appearance of a woman and her sexual appeal rather than her inner beauty.

With the third-wave of feminism, women presented their bodies in a different manner simply to make a statement. They wanted to prove that they too could wear clothing that categorized them as something more than a housewife. As they gained more control for themselves, they were then able to make their own choices as to what they would wear for the day. They were able to express themselves in new ways.

Now, when a woman wears something showing skin she is assumed to be doing it for the wrong reasons. Not all women are seeking sexual attention. Some simply do not care about the fact that they do have breasts that grow without their consent–so they chose to embrace their body and allow their figure to speak for itself. The magazine articles and grungy commercials all degrade women in ways that only media is able to. They popularize the sexual appeal of a woman instead of focusing on the natural beauty she possesses.

The Barriers Between the Genders

Men and women are alienated figures to one another. Besides some of the bodily structure similarities and both being a part of the human race, they are complete opposites.
One is not greater than the other. They each have their own individual purpose to serve in the way that is fit for them. Men are often perceived as the dominant sex, which places women as the submissive power. The media has formed barriers that divide the reality of the sexes into a morphed illusion filled with competition.
The sexual objectification in society makes it difficult for men and women to be seen as equals. Women are often seen as beautified objects, while men are perceived to be providers.
Women provide for the household just as much as men. There are stay at home dads just like there are moms.
Society classifies gender roles into categories that are sexist and unrealistic.