Let me be your target.

Accelerate so you can ruin everything faster. Slowly point and aim so you will not miss. Allow me to serve as your target guiding you towards what you need to pierce. Perforate me with your words. The same words that bound us in lies, allow them to disclose the truth. Embrace the feeling of death. … Continue reading Let me be your target.


Parting Company

Tell me tempting lies and make deceptiveness look appealing. Allow your inglorious lifestyle to embark you on a journey of shame. Break me down and then instill skittish tendencies. Mourn for all you have done and succumb to the remorse you should feel. But after you are done breaking me down, reconstruct me. With a vain … Continue reading Parting Company

Build me up just to break me down.

No matter how devoted and faithful I was, that was never enough for you. The pain of this does not even derive from your absence. This pain has occurred from the humiliation and destruction of my dignity that you have caused. You are the source of this. You had someone who was yours in front … Continue reading Build me up just to break me down.