“The American Dream”

The American Dream.. The dream of independence and prosperity. The dream of equality and self-deliverance. The dream of overcoming and succeeding. Reality check--there is no American Dream. This idea of being an American and having it all is exactly that, an idea. Unless you are willing to work for something, nothing will be handed to … Continue reading “The American Dream”


Parting Company

Tell me tempting lies and make deceptiveness look appealing. Allow your inglorious lifestyle to embark you on a journey of shame. Break me down and then instill skittish tendencies. Mourn for all you have done and succumb to the remorse you should feel. But after you are done breaking me down, reconstruct me. With a vain … Continue reading Parting Company

The Dawn of Night

Night nears and my breathing slows. With the darkness comes isolation. Desolate feelings fall upon me. The kindred spirits who accompany me during the day vanish. Bleak lands creep into my dreams. I awake feeling deprived. You have denied me love. You have left me denude of all feelings. The night which was once meant … Continue reading The Dawn of Night