Deity of the night, of mine.

you, the deity i worship bowing like a schoolgirl at alter worshiping like the wolf the moon eyes peeling body to body insight clasped hands holding incentive. praying like tree to sun gratitude from night and dawn conjoined. you, my deity of the night days longer from shorter nights the deity of the night, of mine. my … Continue reading Deity of the night, of mine.


The Shining in Memphis

    You        kissing me    right before banging your head           on the wall while screaming   red rum, red rum, red rum. That is the way I wish to leave        through destruction chaos. You always run down Beale street      naked               end up visiting a voodoo fairy a beer in your hand     nachos on … Continue reading The Shining in Memphis

Rewiring a Heart Drawing

on my mind     the constant feeling of you you enjoyed drifting far I stayed here                lonely              in the bathroom   hunched over the toilet           to let tears fall using the water drips from the sink as peace while I scream in my head   100 and 44 … Continue reading Rewiring a Heart Drawing

Femme Fatale

____________________________________________________________________________________ You: sleeping         dreaming of rum lollipops bacardi candy canes Her: lying awake eyelids peeled conjuring      thoughtless figures 5 faced       schizophrenic men. Men    under the bed awaken her       shrill shouts night terrors             settling feet; earthen surface. One face retracting unearthing figment            skullcaps. Paralized slumber   enthralling swords           lingerie tainted women. Biopsy needles         run … Continue reading Femme Fatale

Dissolving into Nothingness

You are mostly nothing. Mostly a space complied of things and thoughts others have left behind. You deviate from your old known self and morph into a goddess of the mind. A goddess of the mind who is still compiled of mostly nothing. Nothing other than the unbidden qualities her previous intruders left. You dream … Continue reading Dissolving into Nothingness

[The “They” of Society]

Lace your corsets tight paint lips, color eyes morphe hair into straw; appealing. Plaster your faces white drown in the summer aroma, roses. Faces shapes round and thin speaking words. Just one stiff drink peering eyes stiff in khaki cutoffs. You must be a lady. You have prepped and pampered and pleased those all night, … Continue reading [The “They” of Society]

The Purest

Me: the bunker; hideaway. unit of blood filling veins. needles: pricking, poking, providing. . Leave all of those moments that have continued to engulf you. The time now with me in your veins is so pure. This is the purest, best form of me. The gentle, steady glide into your being brings peace. The whites … Continue reading The Purest

Fill Me

Like a glass that is half empty, half full, so is the heart that lies within. The malnourished heart and soul that lacks so much continues to draw from others for energy and love. The broken soul that continues to dip into other sources to compensate for all it never received only breaks more. The … Continue reading Fill Me