You        kissing me right before banging your head on the wall while screaming redrum, redrum, redrum. That is the way I wish to leave        through destruction and chaos. You run down Beale street naked and end up visiting a voodoo fairy with a beer in your hand and nachos on your face. Or … Continue reading Redrum


Rewiring a Heart Drawing

on my mind        the constant feeling of you you enjoyed drifting far out of your mind i stayed here lonely while you drifted far hunched over the toilet to let tears fall using the silence to scream in my head tearing myself apart         like you left me   … Continue reading Rewiring a Heart Drawing

Dissolving into Nothingness

You are mostly nothing. Mostly a space complied of things and thoughts others have left behind. You deviate from your old known self and morph into a goddess of the mind. A goddess of the mind who is still compiled of mostly nothing. Nothing other than the unbidden qualities her previous intruders left. You dream … Continue reading Dissolving into Nothingness

[The “They” of Society]

Lace your corset tight. Color your lips, line your eyes, and burn your hair. Now you are pretty. Fake it until you make it they say. It is only faking it that makes you forget who you really are. Plaster your face white and drown yourself in the aroma of roses. Respond with your looks, … Continue reading [The “They” of Society]


Emotional abuse is often overlooked because it shows no damaging outward signs. No one on the outside can see how it is actually affecting your mind and everyday life. If you have not been in this position, you have no clear idea of how it hurts and damages you. No one chooses to go through … Continue reading Abuse