How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

  1. You don’t

Marlboro Southern Cuts so strong and smooth

Gas station black ice trees growing from your dash

Empty Marathon cups once filled with the world’s best coffee

Window down, air blasting to rid the smokescreen

Ashes falling out the window along with the ass of the last drag

Thinking of carbonated delicacies and instead reaching for a white lighter

Your mom doesn’t like the stench, reminding her of her childhood

Reeking of tobacco leaves on the playground

Inhale your coworkers and exhale at 5o’clock during rush hour

Buttering a roll at Christmas dinner and smelling the last pack on your fingertips

Strong, sweet, satisfying musk

Black, hairy tongues and plaque filled teeth

Sucking air into your collapsed lungs

  1. You said you would quit last week

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