Femme Fatale


While you sleep, dreaming of rum lollipops and Bacardi candy canes, I lie awake thinking of what is under the bed.

What is under the bed would awaken you in agony and cause you to cry out.

Then again, there may not be time to cry out.

Death can come quick for those who fight it.

While you lay in bed dreaming of women with swords and lingerie,

I think of the stash under the bed that contains everything needed to end it all.

The biopsy needles that will run from your spine to your scalp,

the razor blades that have always assisted in making the necessary practice cuts,

and the drill that can place a hole right between your two eyes.

As you lie and dream of mystical women with claws and tails, one lies awake beside you.

She lies awake and thinks of how she wants to use the tactics you dream of to end you.



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