[The “They” of Society]

Lace your corset tight.
Color your lips, line your eyes, and burn your hair.
Now you are pretty.
Fake it until you make it they say.
It is only faking it that makes you forget who you really are.
Plaster your face white and drown yourself in the aroma of roses.
Respond with your looks, not your mouth.
Dress up and flaunt yourself.
That is how you will make it.
Women should be submissive they say.
Go out and enjoy yourself, but be alone at night.
Have a drink, but not too many.
You must be a lady.
You have prepped and pampered and pleased those all night, but you faked it.

They would not be happy with your loudmouth, bare face, optimistic, outgoing, independent self.
They do not want to see you, they want to see who they want you to be.
So fall behind them.
Let them drink more so they feel as if they have socially conquered you.
Let them buy you a drink and watch you sip it slowly.
Because if you turned up the glass and drank it quicker than them, you would be faking it.
If you go out, a natural beauty, you will be better off to plaster on layers of lies.
They will not see you for who you are, but who you have been made to be.
If you are able to do more of anything, you will be less.



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