Fill Me

Like a glass that is half empty, half full, so is the heart that lies within.
The malnourished heart and soul that lacks so much continues to draw from others for energy and love.
The broken soul that continues to dip into other sources to compensate for all it never received only breaks more.
The underestimated effects of denial begin to set in.

Such a beautiful gem has lost its value.
The most precious stone with the brightest future has fallen into the darkest abyss.
The cuts that were carved to make it so unique have become dull and the prongs that once held it together have come loose.
The glamorous life it once traveled and endured is one that is full of immoral events and disgraceful values.

The beauty in life can so easily be displaced.
Misrepresentations of the quantum of false love shown through each individual are so often mistaken for purity.
The truth lies beneath much torture.
One could only understand the morphing process and tortured ending if they have endured such.


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