For those who understand.

Depression is not a choice. One does not wake up and decide to no longer be depressed. One who is depressed often wakes up and feels as if they have nothing to live for–feels as if there is nothing that will excite them or make them happy. All of the things in their life that should make them happy only feel like chores. Things that need to be constantly reassured when you, yourself have nothing left to give. No energy left to put into letting someone else know that you are “okay”. You are not okay. Constantly being questioned about how you feel and having others wonder whether or not you are still “sad all of the time” only makes it worse. You then feel like a burden to them so you distance yourself further. With the distance, you feel more alone in your mind than ever before. But, why tell them how you feel? They will not understand. Many times it feels easier to stay in your mind and be eaten from the inside out by your depraved thoughts. Depression is filled with highs and lows. Even the highs are low, but they can be bearable.



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