“The American Dream”

The American Dream..
The dream of independence and prosperity.
The dream of equality and self-deliverance.
The dream of overcoming and succeeding.
Reality check–there is no American Dream. This idea of being an American and having it all is exactly that, an idea. Unless you are willing to work for something, nothing will be handed to you. Too often Americans think that just because of their racial and ethnic background they will always be provided for. Too often Americans believe that the education system will wait on them to catch up, that society will create a job for those who do not want to work.
This is a growing world. New generations are coming about who will not allow the elite to control the rest of the populations views on society. There is no longer slavery. Schools are now integrated. There is no use in separating ourselves from one another through every day life.
Just because you are a white American does not mean you are subject to certain societal privileges–although you may receive them. Elite white men founded this country and continue to reign it. Just because you are a black American does not mean you are violent or poor. Stereotypes rule society and are pulling all people further apart instead of bringing us together as proposed in the American Dream.
If you are an American you should be able to succeed in the workforce, right? Wrong. Any person of color could reveal to you the hardships of living in an American society where it is difficult to find work based on the amount of melanin in them. Based on the color of ones skin, it is hard to make a living. Based on the color of their skin, it is hard to complete daily activities without being categorized and judged. What is it like to live in a racist society where stereotypes control the media and every aspect of our lives? That is living the “American Dream”.
Many Americans are selfish and believe everything revolves around them. All of the tragic events that are occurring in the US right now such as hurricanes and floods somehow lead Americans to believe that the rapture is nearing. Is this country the only one that matters? Do the lives of those in North Korea and Saudi Arabia not matter? What are they facing right now? Where does the judgement and anger we feel towards towards the people of these countries derive from? It comes from race, the media, and all that is presented to us. Constantly we are presented with information and images that allow us to perceive these people of a different culture as a threat. They become outsiders and tension arises. Americentrism is the cause of the social and racial divide that is still seen today.
America, the “land of the free” has so many societal barriers and judgement zones that we are hardly free from one another. We are all in this together. One human is no different from the other. We all obtain the same bodily parts and functions, yet we allow ourselves to be foreign to one another and live with hatred between us.
So, as an American how can one be proud to live the American Dream?


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