Like clockwork, you come back.
The hands turn and right when the peak of the hour is about to be reached, I fall again.
Just as I am reaching the end, I am drawn back to.
With haste, I am ready to allow you to be my hands–the hands that guide my direction and control my every movement.
How can I allot for such control without forgiveness?
When you dropped me, every inner piece and part shattered.
Forgiveness does not hold the same meaning.
This time it runs deep into the core.
How I must work with you and forgive you so you will mend time.
How many times must I reset the way my hands turn?
Until I am able to work with you to craft a new timepiece, the shattered one will not be repaired.
Until I am able to forgive and move towards new dimensions, I will be stuck.
Realign the gears to this love and allow it to serve a new purpose.
Recreate what was once, diminish what should have never.


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