Society is so fixated around ones appearance. Feeling as if you have to look your best and conform to others around you is something I believe many people struggle with.
For me, the way I feel about myself comes from the energy of those surrounding me. I had a not so good time this past year with how I felt about myself. A lot of personal issues arose that should have been addressed long ago, but got pushed aside.

The hardest part about working on yourself is knowing where to begin. Trusting that people actually mean what they say and are not out to get you is something that takes a long time to register. Recognizing that someone is genuine and not lying to you can be hard when all you have faced in the past was disappointment after disappointment.

Loving yourself is hard when you do not recognize all that you have to offer to the world. The way you have been stereotyped and perceived affects your daily life. Breaking out of your shell can be more difficult than it seems.

Loving yourself is the first step. Knowing your worth and realizing all of the good that you do, breaking down all of your beneficial qualities are some of the first steps to seeing yourself for who you are.

The media tries to portray an image of perfect that no individual can achieve. Perfection does not come from what you wear or how well you dress. It comes from how well you love others and what you are willing to do for them. Love yourself so you can love others.


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