Our Love

I always knew I loved you, but I fell in love with you slowly. You were a part of me from the beginning. Our love overpowered everything else. I have always been completely infatuated with you. Your love engulfed my heart and took over my life. I knew from the beginning that you were the one for me. No one will understand, but I know in my heart you are mine and have to remain mine.
When you were gone, it broke me.
I needed you.
Now that you are mine again, I will not be able to cope with losing you. You are the love of my life no matter what occurs between us.
Others may not understand, but the love between us will not fade. You are my home. When I am with you, I am myself. You constantly assist me in bettering myself and I can not thank you enough.
Through everything that has happened, I am still your number one supporter. I will back you no matter what.
But you can not leave me again. You are my sweet lover that I will not be without. You make life bearable for me.
Love me dearly, love me forever.
Do not break me again.
All of me is in your hands. You have my heart and trust.


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