Living with Anxiety

“Oh you’re just overthinking.”
“Stop worrying for no reason.”
“Why does that bother you?”
Having anxiety is not a choice. You do not get to choose when the transition to panic mode will be made–causing you to feel as if you are being hunted down and singled out. You can not wake up and turn off the anxiety switch for the day. When it is there, it is there. For someone who does not have anxiety, they do not understand all of the thoughts that process though an anxiety filled mind. You could walk into a room full of people, unnoticed, yet feel as if everyone is cutting their eyes at you and degrading you. Overthinking your every move and thought slowly drives you crazy. Overthinking things to the point where you are at a loss for breath and your hands are trembling becomes your reality. Your heart begins to beat out of your chest and your thoughts are completely scattered. If someone is to ask you what is on your mind, you can not explain. Everything is already so distorted and trying to explain how you are feeling and how you see things only makes it worse. So, you keep to yourself and embrace your thoughts. The demons in your head dance around and come out to play, driving you mad.
For those who do not have to live with anxiety, you would not understand the worrisome attitude of one who does. Every daily activity is seen from a different perspective. You worry because it seems as if everyone is out to get you. The struggle to be around people when you do not know what is on their mind, or if they are conspiring against you is faced every day.
Do not ask why someone can not deal with something. We all have our reasons.


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