Obsessive Love

A condition where one feels as if they can not accept rejection from the individual they feel a strong attraction towards.
One will become infatuated and obsessed with the idea of showing unconditional love to someone.
They see no wrong in what the other person does.
The pain they cause them is seen as a mere problem that can be fixed.
Everything about them seems to be able to be fixed.
It hurts so bad to let go, they look for every reason to stay.
The relationship no longer contains healthy love.
The love from the other person is gone and all that is left is your obsession.
The most kind hearted people fall victim to this obsession.
They love until it hurts, and they can not stop even then.
Obsessive love does not benefit the lover, the stronger power.
The inadequate lover is provided constant reassurance through the more powerful lover.
The submissive lover is constantly heartened and provided for.
The real lover is always fooled.
No two people ever love the same.
Obsessive love comes in, takes place, and latches on to the heart of the dominant power.
An obsessive lover can not help their constant need to care for someone.
They are in love and blinded by the good they see in that person.


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