Feminism in this Century

Since the first waves of feminism, women have achieved many newfound, personal freedoms and are now perceived as superior to men. The oncoming fourth wave of feminism entails women who do not typically claim to be a “feminist” yet still follow feminist practices and support the movement. These women of the oncoming fourth wave face as much, if not more discrimination in areas of life due to social media. The same issues that women have always faced are now being addressed in different ways.

Social media has now corrupted the minds of young girls, persuading them to believe that if they do not meet the beauty standards that are set by celebrities and higher powers, they will be denounced for not being normal. What is the new normal? With the newest wave of feminism approaching and providing a shock for this culture, women’s opinions towards the movement are now differing. While many still do not openly claim to be a feminist, the practices they observe are now becoming more open.


Feminist advancement has reached its peak wave. The fourth wave of feminism approaches social issues discreetly, but effectively. This wave has been built upon technological advancements. News media, social media sites, and blogging all contribute to the success of this new, functioning wave. Overall, the social barriers women have always faced are being knocked down and tackled in many different ways.


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