Bear with me

Well, I am already having a hard time with “blogging” from discovering that the tab key is nonexistent.

This blog is not going to be used to discuss four legged cats. Although, all cats are indeed four legged. Trying to visualize a “four legged cat” can make one reevaluate what the average cat has always looked like. No, there is no real reason behind the creation of this, beside from the fact that I enjoy writing.

I am seventeen, a senior in high school, and that deems me to be busy. Thinking that if I don’t “apply for a certain scholarship by a certain deadline, I am going to be on the streets, homeless” is pretty much my thought process.

As busy as I am finishing up this school year, I will attempt to post 1-2 blogs per week. These will have no correlation with one another, they will be totally random, and hopefully interesting to read.

Thank you to all who are going to support me in posting these, and provide feedback. images


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