Lined Prayer Lips

Words recited from thin lips pushed forward like a prayer searching for a subject to cater to. Mouth moving, mutters seeping through; flowing like air through cracks in screen door forming, collecting as dust on bedside table alongside adult diapers and vaseline. Picture filled nightstand of two king sized coffin for one. Dusty, grease stained sneakers packed in boxes with over worn … Continue reading Lined Prayer Lips


Funeral Notes

she was 12       weird              in-between reaching teen years        but still           awkward as fuck         wearing clothes that don’t fit her body             it doesn’t have curveslike her mom’s           she was built after her           not like her      she wears jackets in the summer      damn mom yes it’s hot outside     no she don’t … Continue reading Funeral Notes

Dead Men Don’t Feel Even if They Aren’t Dead

  I. What is the right outfit to wear to the funeral of the only boy you ever loved? Sack cloths and ashes, crown of thorns, regret.   Whenever you die, you can’t catch snowflakes on your tongue, can’t suck on an icicle until your teeth ache, trace white lines with your nose.   The … Continue reading Dead Men Don’t Feel Even if They Aren’t Dead

Lusting for a New Tattoo

Red Ruby crisp lines on my skin reminding me of late nights spent with the needle pressed firm and hard, like grown lips to my mouth, tongues reaching for an end to the engraving touch left.   Blue Mourning Sapphire hues from parting ways, tyke in womb, your fiancé no sitting in lap to have … Continue reading Lusting for a New Tattoo

Dried Flower Girl

There were flowers in her hair, clovers knitted around wrist braided, worn as a decoration. Tulips in her pocket, head lifted high like a buttercup, an innocent spring bloom. Back straight and rigid as a fresh stem.   Silky pastel petals looking to the sun for affection basking in moments, yearning to be picked dried; … Continue reading Dried Flower Girl

Uber Rides with Pink Pussy Hats

12:00 on Beale        4 buckets down at Silky’s        with Crystal to the rescue. In the black Impala      keeping the intoxicated        underage free. Pink        knitted        hats draped over headrests              as she tells of an open marriage. While she rests her head … Continue reading Uber Rides with Pink Pussy Hats

The Best Bath You Ever Took

  Sitting             in that boiling water   between your legs                  as the heat courses through                                       places a finger                       on every cell in me. Passing the ‘but you know I want you’           scented soap               as the water clouds                transgressions            dispersing.        That porcelain tub   where you took your calloused palms … Continue reading The Best Bath You Ever Took

Reasons Found on Why to Not Order Ikea Furniture  

  The Table   find someone who sends you damaged products for two times the price. they will all arrive scuffed and scraped like Harry Potter’s forehead. the prices will be batshit crazy, but you need new furniture, so you will buy it   The Crib   at the beginning you will love it, the … Continue reading Reasons Found on Why to Not Order Ikea Furniture  

How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

  You don’t, this habit Marlboro Southern Cuts so strong and smooth. Gas station black ice trees growing from your dash. Empty Marathon cups once filled with the world’s best coffee. Window down, air blasting to rid the smokescreen, ashes falling out the window along with the ass of the last drag. Think of carbonated … Continue reading How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

The Tattoo from the Gods

He was born in 1977 and probably conceived in 1976. In 2017, the roughest patches of him with stubble and the burs that clung to him changed hosts. Meeting under the most unlikely circumstances and going out, Mexican on the menu after. The salty chips and ruby red salsa matched the gleam in his eyes … Continue reading The Tattoo from the Gods